America’s Heart Model and Philosophy

Program Statement

It is the goal of America’s Heart to provide quality care to the children we serve. Through the appropriate training of our Foster/Adoptive Parents, we provide a nurturing, caring, and safe environment for the children in our care.

It is also the goal of America’s Heart to help each child achieve their full potential within the least restrictive environment of a family setting. America’s Heart provides Child Care Services and Treatment Services to male and female children from birth through 17 (and up to 22 if they meet the specific eligibility criteria for continued stay) in their Foster Care Program. Additionally, America’s Heart provides support services to adoptive families and children before, during, and after adoptive placement.

America’s Heart is comprised of experienced and well trained professionals. Our staff provides the support to Foster/Adoptive Families through home visits, training, and case management activities.

Our Values

At America’s Heart we have a passion for what we do. Starting with our Board of Directors, and through all levels of operation, America’s Heart staff and foster/adoptive parents all share the same vision – to provide safety and stability for children in need. We want our children and certified foster/adopt homes to emerge with new strength, commitment and direction.

We provide for the safety, permanency, and well-being of every foster child placed in our care. We want to ensure that our children are provided with the necessities and guidance needed to ensure that they make a smooth transition and become contributing adult citizens to their community. We will always strive for Excellence, Integrity, and Compassion.